Family Services

Family Services at RCMA


Family Services at RCMA is built upon the foundation that parents are their child’s first and most important teacher! Because of this, our family support team works diligently in partnering with parents to create and nurture working relationships that will eventually lead to the development of effective partnership agreements. We witness the development and growth of the families we work with as they accomplish goals, become advocates for their children and their own families, and influence their surrounding community.

RCMA’s family support team consists of individuals who are rich in cultural, life, and educational experiences and as a result, the services they provide are effective and accepted by the families we serve. Services include, but are not limited to, home visiting, facilitation of parent involvement activities/support groups, accessing and coordinating health and disability services for children and families, accessing resources and referring families for assistance in areas such as housing, employment, literacy, and adult education. The family services team connects families to community resources and services and promotes advocacy and involvement in the community.