How You Can Help

RCMA must raise over $500,000 annually.

In order to qualify for federal and state funds RCMA relies heavily on private individuals for these contributions. The donations enable us to provide affordable child care and education for children of migrant and rural, low-income families.

With a $1 donation, RCMA can receive up to $16 in state and federal funding. Your tax-deductible donation will ensure even more children can take advantage of learning opportunities through RCMA.

Here are examples of how far a donation can go:

$6,000 will generate funds to sponsor 20 children for one year.
$1,200 will generate funds to sponsor four children for one year.
$300 will generate funds to sponsor one preschool child for one year.
$250 will provide scholarship help for one staff member or graduating senior.
$100 will buy books for a classroom.
$50 will pay for school supplies for a child for one year.
$25 will generate funds to tutor five children after school for one week.
You might consider the following:

On-Line Donations

Click here to make a donation


Cash Donations: These are deductible and provide immediate support for programs.

Securities: Tax deductible.

Bequests: Many supporters and donors would like to keep their assets during their lifetime. However, a bequest of real property or real estate can be made to RCMA.

Volunteer: RCMA always needs volunteers to read to and mentor children and for many other helpful, rewarding activities.

For further information on how you can help keep our mission going and growing, use the contact information in the left hand column: