Annual Reporting

RCMA – A National Head Start Association Program of Excellence


RCMA has enjoyed the status as a national Program of Excellence since 2003. High quality services to children and families, a strong commitment to the professional development of our staff, and an exceptional reputation in the communities served are all recognized in this achievement. In addition, 50+% of RCMA’s eligible child development centers are nationally accredited. In 2008 RCMA was awarded agency certification from Nonprofits First, Inc. This distinguished recognition names RCMA as an agency with sound management practices in the areas of Administration, Board Governance, Human Resources, Financial Management and Client Services. RCMA Board and staff are pleased that we demonstrated compliance with 100% of the Certification Standards.  RCMA benefits from the active participation of the Migrant Head Start Policy Council and the Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council. We have an effective and committed Head Start Committee of the Board of Directors. Contained in this portion of RCMA’s website is information required to be made public in accordance with the Head Start Act of 2007. This information helps exemplify the quality standards of RCMA.

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